50% Tax Credits

The State of Missouri offers an incredible gift to Missouri residents that donate $100 or more to your PRC.  While the State gives us a limited amount of tax credits each year, most of our supporters are able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!  The end result, your generous gift to PRC will mean very little money out of pocket for you!  Here is an example:


Based on a $100,000 taxable income, married, filing jointly (28% tax bracket).  


Donation amount$1,000$2,000$5,000
Federal Deduction$280$560$1,400
State Deduction$60$120$300
50% Tax Credit$500$1,000$2,500
Out of Pocket Expense $160$320$800


On average, it costs $500 per client served at your PRC.  So for about $160 out of your pocket, two babies could have life and their parents spared a terrible sin!  

Click here to learn more about Pregnancy Resource Center tax credits* http://dss.mo.gov/dfas/taxcredit/pregnancy.htm  

* There is no need to fill out the form for claiming tax credits on this site.  After we receive your generous donation we will mail the form to you including your specific information.