Baby Bottle Campaign

Launching a Baby Bottle Campaign at your Church or small group is one of the most powerful things you can do for your PRC!  Most of the people in the pews of your church are pro-life but do they know how to save a baby?  Since the pro-life/pro-choice debate is so huge, so vast that most of us say to ourselves “Yeah, of course I am pro-life, but what can I do about it?”   You can help them to answer this question.  

Here’s how it works: either a member of your congregation or someone from your PRC will make a brief, 3-5 min. presentation from the pulpit.  This will include a brief description of who PRC is and what we do, our amazing 99.7% success rate, etc.  Then they hold up the bottle and explain that each member will be handed a bottle as they leave.   Then they are asked to do three things with their bottle; first to place it in a prominent place in their home so they see it often, second, they are asked that each time they see the bottle that they stop and pray for PRC, the clients that we will help that day and for our continued success, third, they are asked to take the lid off the bottle and put their small change in the bottle (and they are reminded that bills and checks fit in the bottle too).

One thing is for sure, your help in starting a baby bottle campaign in your church will save babies!  We know that we could never put a price tag on a human life. Each one of us has inestimable worth.  But we do know what our overhead is and how many babies were saved here last year and it comes to about $500 per client served!  Yes, you most definitely will save babies!

Here are the steps to start your very own Baby Bottle Campaign

  • Meet with your Pastor to get approval and set a date.
  • Call PRC to reserve baby bottles for your fundraiser.
  • Contact all groups and organizations within your church and invite them to participate.  
  • Place ad in your bulletin the week before the launch.
  • Make presentation and distribute bottles.
  • Distribute bottles to church organizations.
  • 3-4 weeks later, collect bottles and return to PRC.

Please call our office for more information (573) 368-5700.