Register now for Pregnancy Resource Center’s 14th Annual Banquet for Life, 3-19-20 with keynote speaker Ashley Bratcher! 

Ashley Bratcher

In November of 2009, Abby Johnson made a career move that would send shockwaves throughout the pro-life and pro-choice movements.  She walked away from her job as director of Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinic in College Station Texas and came over to our side of the iron gates.

Just days before this, she had been asked to assist with an ultrasound guided abortion.  What she witnessed that day changed her into a pro-life person.

Just four months later she came to Rolla and shared her story at our 4th Annual Banquet for Life. Pregnancy Resource Center of Rolla was her very first pregnancy center banquet.

Now, exactly 10 years later, the woman that played the role of Abby in the movie Unplanned will take the same stage! Movie star Ashley Bratcher will bless us with her testimony as well as share with us the amazing and somewhat miraculous happenings while filming Unplanned.  What she saw changed everything!