Brave Mothers

After serving 5,000 families, you would expect us to have some amazing stories. Indeed, we do. We’ve had dozens of national articles published about our mothers many videos released. Two of our mothers’ stories were so powerful and so impactful they were invited to share at the White House!

Kelsey’s story

In April of 2016 Kelsey first came to us seeking an abortion. Heading into her senior year in college, the last thing she needed was the distraction of a baby. Her problems doubled when she learned that she was a mother of twins!

In March of 2017 the very brave Kelsey shared her testimony publicly at our Banquet for Life in front of 400 supporters plus an unknown number of people watching online via the live stream.

This video details her courageous story of choosing life for her twins.  Her words are the greatest explanation of the work we do at your pregnancy center.

In January of 2018 Kelsey and her girls traveled with us to Washington DC to share her powerful testimony with law makers. Some of the congressmen she met with must have made some calls because, by the end of the day, we received a call from the White House, asking if they could come to meet President Trump and stand behind him as he delivered the first ever live speech to the March for Life participants.


Janey’s Story

In January of 2017, Janey first came to your pregnancy center. A mother of a four-year-old, Janey was technically homeless, sleeping on a family members couch. Adding another child to her life was not a welcomed thought. After an hour-long coaching session with a professional Certified Life Coach, she agreed to schedule an appointment for an ultrasound.

Before her scheduled ultrasound she had to make a trip to the ER of our local hospital.  It was only then that we would learn the true gravity of her situation…… she was carrying triplets!  Her reaction to the shocking news: “The ultrasound technician and nurse confirmed that there were three babies and they were extremely excited to see triplets but I couldn’t stop crying at all.  The doctor tried to talk to me about it but all I could think about was how my life was going downhill quickly!”  

When she returned for her scheduled appointment at your pregnancy center, she was even more frightened than before.  Then her Coach told her all about BRIDGES, (Rolla’s very own maternity home/transitional home for single mothers) and her fears were quickly washed away. We made a commitment to care for Janey and her family for as long as they needed us.

In March of 2017, she allowed everyone to meet her babies up close with a live ultrasound at our Banquet for Life.

Janey is living successfully and guess what? She’s a homeowner! From homeless to homeowner with the assistance of your pregnancy center!

The article about her journey was picked up by many news sources and went viral.


In November of 2016, Faith came to us excited to be a mother. A week later, she returned crestfallen. Over Thanksgiving holiday, as she shared the news of her pregnancy, she was discouraged by those she trusted to support her. The hardest was her fiancé who pressured her to have an abortion.

When her Certified Life Coach asked what she wanted to do, Faith said, “I want to keep my baby, and I want to give him a good life.” Her coach promised she could do just that, and PRC would be there to help her every step of the way. In another turn of events, Faith became homeless, so she moved into our maternity home, BRIDGES. The details of her emotional testimony at our 2018 Banquet for Life will bless you.

White House 1

In January of 2019, Faith and her son Noah were invited to the White House to share their powerful story with Vice President Pence.

Over the next year, Faith continued to grow and learn as she worked towards her goal of becoming self-sufficient as a BRIDGES resident. You will see the great strides she made in her testimony at our 2019 Banquet for Life.

In 2021, the Knights of Columbus reached out to us and asked if they could document her story in the Everyday Heroes series. This aired on national television along with several other inspirational stories.


When we first met Mariah she said: “If it’s twins again, I’m getting the abortion”. Besides being six months away from graduation, she had a pending divorce and was already caring for two sets of twins. Needless to say, there were many forces leading Mariah to consider abortion, again. Once upon a time, she had promised herself she would never go through another abortion. The memory of the procedure still sent shivers down her spine. She couldn’t believe she was here again, but in her desperate situation she felt this was the only solution. Mariah’s ultrasound scan confirmed she was pregnant with her fourth set of twins. Stuck, again. Only one way out.

One of the reasons she gave as to why she felt abortion was her only option was that they didn’t have a car that was big enough. “Do they even make eight passenger cars?” she asked.

Your PRC sprang into action by reaching out to our supporters seeking help to obtain a vehicle big enough to transport this vulnerable family. Within a week, a local car dealer called with the news that he would be buying a car big enough for her family.

The next week at Mariah’s ultrasound appointment, her Options Coach told her the good news. Mariah’s jaw dropped, “Why would a total stranger buy us a car?”
Her coach answered, “We are just here to help people. It doesn’t matter if you need a little help or a lot. We are just here to help.”  

Mariah looked at her babies’ father and said, “Well, now we don’t need the abortion.”

Her complete story can be found here:


Mariah continued her schooling, graduated, and earned degrees in human services and criminal justice. She gave birth to two beautiful girls, Luna and Juniper and she says: “Now I am surrounded by more love than I ever could have imagined.”

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