BRIDGES is a maternity home/transformational home and a subsidiary of PRC of Rolla.

Single mother families are the most impoverished individuals in our nation. BRIDGES provides relevant services that result in permanent solutions for single mothers without the means of providing for the basic needs of their children through our exclusive curriculum, My RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING Life.  

By preventing poverty and homelessness, BRIDGES promotes self-sufficiency for mothers rejecting abortion. Five percent of PRC’s clientele are homeless. One hundred percent of those clients are considering abortion. BRIDGES promises a greater solution.  

Established in the heart of Rolla, BRIDGES house serves as a transformational home for pregnant and newly parenting single mothers. Unlike the typical maternity home, BRIDGES is a cozy, intentionally furnished and welcoming environment designed for transformation. Essentially, it is a cocoon for single mothers ready to morph their lives from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  Among the many mothers who launched successfully from the program, three of them purchased their first home in 2021. From homeless to homeowner, wow, we are so proud of them!  

The “secret sauce” to the BRIDGES streak of launching successful mothers into self-sufficiency is hidden in the My RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING Life curriculum. Written by PRC’s cofounder, Jane Dalton, the program laser focuses on the 7 core competencies of self-sufficiency and allows mothers to design the life they desire for themselves and their children. Each resident partners with a Professional Certified Life Coach who walks with her as she crosses the bridge, one mile marker at a time, to the goal of self-sufficiency.  

The life changing curriculum and partnership with a Professional Certified Life Coach is also available to community mothers and fathers who are not homeless but are at risk of becoming homeless. Our generous donors make it possible for these families to receive worthy solutions to their most vulnerable needs at no cost.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this life changing program, please call 573-426-2288

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This video will give you a good introduction to BRIDGES.

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