In April of 2016 Kelsey first came to us seeking an abortion.   Heading into her senior year in College, the last thing she needed was the distraction of a baby.  Her “problem’s is only amplified when she learns that she is a mother of twins!

In March of 2017 the very brave Kelsey shared her testimony publicly at our Banquet for Life in front of 400 supporters plus an unknown number of people watching online via the live stream.

The details of her courageous story of choosing life for her twins will bless you.  Her words are the greatest explanation of the work we do at your pregnancy center.


In February of 2017, Janey first came to your pregnancy center.   A mother of a four year old who was having to sleep on her mom’s couch because she could not afford a place of her own; adding another child to her life was not a welcomed thought.   After an hour long coaching session with one of our certified Christian Coach’s, she agreed to schedule an appointment for an ultrasound.

Before her scheduled ultrasound she had to make a trip to the ER of our local hospital.  It was only then that we would learn the true gravity of her situation…… she was carrying triplets!  Her reaction to the shocking news: “The ultrasound technician and nurse confirmed that there were three babies and they were extremely excited to see triplets but I couldn’t stop crying at all.  The doctor tried to talk to me about it but all I could think about was how my life was going downhill quickly!”  

When she returned for her scheduled appointment at your pregnancy center, she was even more frightened than before.  Then her Coach told her all about our partner, St. Raymond’s Society (Rolla’s very own maternity home/transitional home for single mothers) and her fears were quickly washed away.  In a brilliant team effort, your pregnancy center and St. Raymond’s of Rolla have committed to care for Janey and her family as long as they need us.

In March of 2017, just three weeks after met Janey, she allowed everyone to meet her babies up close with a live ultrasound.  Projected on two large screens, the 400 people in attendance were quickly caught up in the miracle of life before them.

On June 30th, 2017, at only 28 weeks gestation, Janey welcomed her three babies: one boy, Xander and two girls, Arabella and Taytum.  Arriving 12 weeks early they were extremely tiny but remarkably healthy.   Xander was 2lb 8oz and the girls were 2 lb 3 oz.


In the fall of 2011, Joann came to your pregnancy center on the same day she had an abortion scheduled in St. Louis.   In a custody battle with the State of Missouri, she believed that being pregnant would prevent her from getting her other two children back. She simply felt like she had no other choice.


In the spring of 2008 Kelly and her husband came to PRC at the request of a friend.  She already had an abortion scheduled in St. Louis so called to reschedule with them so that she could meet with us.  Here is her story.


In 2012, Allison was spiritually adopted by the congregation of Rolla Church of the Nazarene.  When a Church spiritually adopts a critical client they commit to pray for her regularly, send notes of encouragement and to take a monthly collections for her when the need arises.  Each week they receive progress updates on the client.

After her baby girl was born, Allison wrote this thank you letter.

A Letter from “Allison”

It is so difficult to know where to begin. My heart is so full of thankfulness. I am overwhelmed with the support and encouragement I have received over the last couple of months, like nothing I have ever experienced before. Just saying “thank you” seems so shallow compared to all that I have received from all of you!

When I went into the pregnancy center, I was in such a dark place. And I had been there for a long time. In fact, I stepped into that dark place when I was sixteen. Before that – I was such a good girl. I attended church with my mother several times a week. I loved God and trusted He would always take care of me. Then I made a HUGE mistake and that mistake cost me everything that I had. I became sexually active with an older boy that I was absolutely crazy about. I had liked him since I was 11 years old and finally he was interested in me. I was so happy that he finally wanted to be with me that I was willing to do anything to keep him. Even what I knew was very wrong.

I became pregnant within a few weeks. But I just knew that everything would be okay, after all, my mom had me when she was sixteen. Even though my dad had abandoned us before I was born, she had always been there for me. It had always been me and my mom – we were a team. We were so close! I knew that she would completely understand and be there for me.

I WAS SO WRONG!! She did not understand at all. She screamed and yelled – said such hurtful things to me. She told me that I was not going to embarrass her. She forced me to have an abortion and threatened that if I ever told anyone, she would throw me out on the street. I begged her not to make me, I asked to her to let me live with my aunt and I would do adoption, but she refused. She told me not to say another word about it.

We had not spoken to each other for several days then right before I was called back for my abortion, mom told me that someday I would understand why she had to do this. It was for my own good. . . “I don’t want you to have the awful life I have had”!  What? I had made her life AWFUL? I was a good girl. I had good grades. I never caused any trouble. I was happy. I thought our life was awesome. Sure we lived in a small apartment and our car was always broken down, but we were together and we were so   close. . . or so I thought. For the first time in my life I realized that I was all alone. Everything I thought was true was a BIG FAT LIE. I was devastated. From that moment on I was different.

I went to the dark place and I have been there for the past four years. I refused to go to church – Why should I? God had abandoned me. I refused to spend time with mom. I started sneaking out, skipping school, and doing whatever I wanted. I tried to block out the abortion and the fact that I had made mom’s life so awful. I began using drugs and alcohol nearly every day. I continued to be sexually active.   I moved from one abusive boyfriend to another, never being faithful to any of them.

Right before my 21st birthday, I could finally see a glimmer of light. I had just begun dating a terrific guy. He was so good to me. He treated me like I was something good, something to be cherished and take care of. I felt like I could leave the dark place with him by my side. Then my world crashed again – I was pregnant and I wasn’t sure if it was his baby or my ex boyfriend’s. But either way I knew that I would have to have another abortion. I knew that my mom would kick me out if I didn’t know. And my boyfriend, if this was not his baby, why would he want it or me? He thinks I am good. I know I’m not. He didn’t even know that I had an abortion when I was sixteen. I decided to just take care of it and keep my mouth shut. I was not willing to live on the street and loose this awesome guy. So I called to schedule an abortion in Rolla.

It was an amazing appointment. Hard to explain really, but they were so gentle and kind to me. I felt so secure there, like everything could be okay. I got to hear my baby’s heart beating and it was so beautiful it sounded like music. Like it was speaking to me or something. It is so hard to explain. I decided that no matter what mom or my boyfriend thought about it I was going to have this baby.

I brought my boyfriend to the next ultrasound appointment and it was just as incredible! He fell in love with our baby as soon as he saw it on the screen. He told me he would always be there to take care of us. We talked in one of the rooms there for three hours. I told him everything about my past and he understood. It changed nothing for him. He still wanted to be with me. He still thought I was good.

Then everything got much worse than I thought it ever could. Mom threw me out and refused to talk to me. I was still doing okay until my boyfriend dumped me and his family told me to never contact him again. I was having tons of problems with the baby and had to have bed rest full-time. I realized then that I could never leave the dark place. I became so depressed that my doctor referred me to a counselor that would meet with me at my apartment. The first time she came, she asked about the stack of cards and letters sitting on my dresser. I told her that Jane, my counselor at the pregnancy center brings them to me from some church in Rolla along with all the packages in the corner. She asked me if we could look at them together. I really didn’t want to but I agreed anyway.

Everything changed for me right then. It sounds crazy, because everything was still the same, really. I didn’t have a job, didn’t have school, had to stay in bed all day and night, and I was all alone. But somehow – Everything was different!

I spent hours looking at all of the baby items, my bed was full!!! And reading the cards and letters – there were so many – 43 actually. I don’t even know when my counselor left, I was so engrossed in reading that I did not even know that she left. It was amazing – I felt just like I had when I was at the pregnancy center – calm, peaceful, loved somehow. It is so hard to explain. But it was wonderful!

So many people, speaking such gentle, kindness to me. Giving me hope. I didn’t even know them, but as weird as this sounds, I felt like I could trust them somehow. They were talking about such wonderful things for our future. That me and my baby would be blessed and cared for by God. I remembered how I used to love God and how good it was back then. I began to believe that I could leave this dark place. That I would not have to stay here forever.  Jane had brought me a bible, because I didn’t have one anymore. She suggested that I try reading it since I was so bored and couldn’t get out of bed to do anything else. It has been amazing to read. There is so much there, like a bunch of books all together, telling the story of history.

Every single person that sent me a card or letter promised to pray for me and my baby, so I decided the least I could do was to return the favor. So I wrote all of your names and the names of the people at the pregnancy center and began praying for you too. After a while, I decided that if you thought it was a good idea to pray for my mom, my baby’s daddy and his family, I would do that too. Eventually I mustered up the courage to begin praying for myself and my baby. I even asked God if I could leave the dark place.

Within a couple of weeks, mom called to check on me, to see if I needed anything. Then she started visiting me. It felt like old times – like when I was a little girl and we were still close. She was calling and stopping in several times a day, bringing me things, like my favorite desert and doing things for me. She even packed my hospital bag.  Next thing I know, I am in labor. My mom came right over and took me to the hospital. She stayed with me the entire time. Shortly after I arrived at the hospital, my baby’s daddy and his parents showed up. Mom had called them, thought it was right to let them know. I was thrilled with that decision. I was happy to have so much support and they deserved to be present to welcome our little girl, regardless of everything else, they are her family too.

My labor was long and hard, but I didn’t even care. I was just so happy and excited to have our little girl! And now she is here, curled up on my chest sleeping while I am writing this letter to you all, strangers yet friends. I cannot even imagine not having her. I am ashamed that I considered having an abortion in the first place. I realize now that Jane was right in offering post abortion counseling to me, and I plan to begin that soon. I want to be healed. I don’t want to live with the guilt and shame of what I did.

So I end this letter where I began – It seems like me saying “thank you” is not enough for the magnitude of what you have given me. I am a stranger to you, yet you gave money so that I could be supported by the pregnancy center while I was on bed rest. I am a stranger to you, yet you sent me the most beautiful gifts for my little girl. I am a stranger to you, yet you spoke to me through your cards and letters and your words gave me courage, peace and hope. I am a stranger to you, yet you spoke to God for me and asked Him for all I needed. I am a stranger to you, yet you helped me escape the dark place.

You gave everything to me and I named her, Elizabeth Grace. When I look at her, I see my future and it looks beautiful and bright.