In Kind

In kind donations are always welcomed by the moms from your PRC.  Since we average over 500 new clients per year the need is always great.  There are two types of in-kind gifts:


  • New baby items that you buy with our mothers in mind.  We actually have a store at your PRC called “Mommy and Me Boutique”.  Each time mommy or daddy takes a parenting class; they get paid $10 in “baby bucks” they use to buy from the store.  If they go through all of the classes that we recommend, they usually have everything they need for baby before he or she arrives.  What goes in our store?  Everything you could think of relating to baby!  New clothing up to 12 Months, pack n’ plays, bouncers, car seats,  blankets, quilts, diapers, formula, etc.  Many of our supporters buy extra things when they are at the store and just bring them by.  This gives them an excuse to visit, take a quick tour of our facility and a chance to see some PRC babies while they are here!

  • Donations of items or services to the PRC to further our mission.  Sometimes it is a used car that we end up re-gifting to a mom in need or selling.  
    Donated services vary depending on the need.  The first question is; what do you have to give?  For example, are you a mechanic?  You could volunteer to help us keep our mothers on the road.  On that same subject, do you own a parts store?  You could donate parts we need to help a mother or give us a discount.  Do you own a beauty salon?  You could brighten the day of a brave mother that chose life for her baby! Are you a handyman?  ……… etc. So just think about what you might have to offer and give us a call at (573) 368-5700 to discuss it.