All across Mid Missouri, there are many individuals like you that are an important part of our organization. We call them our Partners for Life. More than just “donors”, they are a part of our ministry. Since our founding in 2006, we have recognized the simple truth that without those that support us, we are nothing. Our Partners for Life bless us in so many ways. We invite you to join this elite group and become our Partner for Life. Here are the most common ways you can partner with us:


Every single day we find ourselves toe to toe with someone who plans to kill her baby. While the story of each abortion minded woman is different, the one thing they all have in common is that they are in the middle of a really big storm. They don’t want to kill their baby; they just feel they have no other choice.

We ask that you pray for these young mothers and their babies. We ask that you pray for the PRC Coach that is helping to guide her through her storm. We ask that you pray for the continued success of PRC; our success in saving babies and our success in raising funds so that we can continue our lifesaving works.


Each human life is a gift directly from God. In His image, a perfect creation that will likely have his or her own children and grandchildren; a gift of inestimable worth, spanning generations and on into eternity.

Because of your PRC’s amazing success rate (99.7%) and a very reasonable overhead, our cost per life saved is only about $500. So, a one-time gift of $500 or a monthly gift of $42 will save a baby from abortion and spare his/her parents from a dreadful sin!

  • Options Coach coaches and mentors clients through their difficult situations and in parenting and life skills.
  • Class Facilitators support pregnant clients by providing parenting education, Bible study and general support.
  • Administrative Support
  • Handy Men donate in-kind general maintenance support to our facilities as needed.
  • Prayer Partners
  • Material needs Volunteer
  • Events Volunteer

Contact Pam Sluder at (573) 368-5700 to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

Your Donation
Makes A Difference
For Life.