Prayer is our greatest need. Every single day we find ourselves toe to toe with someone who plans to kill her baby. While the story of each abortion minded woman is different, the one thing that they all have in common is that they are in the middle of a really big storm. They don’t want to kill their baby; they just feel they have no other choice.

We ask that your Church family pray for these young mothers and their babies. We ask that you pray for the PRC Coach that is helping to guide her through the storm and on to calm waters. We ask that you pray for the continued success of PRC; our success in saving babies and our success in our abilities to raise funds so that we can continue our lifesaving works.

On that same subject, please know that we are a prayer community as well. Please let us know of any prayer request from your church for our prayer warriors.

Appoint a Church Liaison

We know that Pastors are very busy people. In order to prevent PRC from having to contact you several times a year, we recommend that you appoint a Church Liaison for PRC. We will then contact them for each upcoming event and prayer request. Once you have selected your Church Liaison please contact Joe Dalton at (573) 368-5700.

Launch a Baby Bottle Campaign

This is one of the most powerful things you can do for your PRC because it increases awareness, brings a pro-life unity to your church and it raises funds! Please know that your decision to facilitate a baby bottle campaign in your church will save babies from the horrible death of abortion, it is a mathematical certainty.

Here’s how it works: either a member of your congregation or someone from PRC will make a brief, 3-5 minute presentation from the pulpit. This will include a brief description of who PRC is and what we do, our amazing 99.7% success rate, etc. Then they hold up the bottle and explain that each family will be handed a bottle as they leave. Then they are asked to do three things with their bottle; first to place it in a prominent place in their home so they see it often, second, they are asked that each time they see the bottle that they stop and pray for PRC, the clients they will help that day and for their continued success, third, they are asked to take the lid off the bottle and put their small change in the bottle (and they are reminded that bills and checks fit in the bottle too). Then the congregation is asked to bring the bottles back in one month with their donations.

Your PRC will provide the bottles and a speaker if needed. Please call Joe Dalton to set up your campaign, (573) 368-5700.

Help to promote our fundraising events

PRC has two major fundraisers each year: Our Banquet for Life in March and our Walk/5k Run for Life in September. We ask that you allow your Church Liaison to promote these events as they are vital to our existence. Click here for our events.


We are very grateful for the local Churches that tithe monthly to PRC. We pray that your financial support to us will come back to you 100-fold.

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Your Donation
Makes A Difference
For Life.